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Happy Easter

April Business of the Month

Financial Advisor, Gail Clark, of Edward Jones Investments is proud to be the April Business of the Month on Mountain Talk 97!


Edward Jones is a different kind of investment firm. To them, face time and thinktime make sense. They meet with you to learn your individual needs so they can develop a strategy to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. So, whether you want to plan for retirement, save for college, reduce your tax bills or ensure you income to cover your expenses, you can expect personalized service and long-term investing strategies instead of the latest investment fads. Join the nearly 7 million investors who know. Contact Gail Clark today at 508-8118 to help develop an investment strategy that makes sense for you. Her office is located at 1006 Highway 62 East, (Cardinal and Hwy 62 in the old Thompson Insurance Bldg.) For more contact Information

Join us in saluting Gail Clark, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, proud supporter of Mountain Talk, and our April Business of the Month!


Disney on Ice

Open Carry Rally – Mountain View

Ozark Constitutional Carry will hold an Open Carry Celebration Rally in Mountain View to inform and educate Arkansans on the changes in the law regarding open carry and to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.


What: Open Carry Celebration Rally

Where: Stone County Courthouse Lawn

When: Saturday April 26 at 11:00 AM

Who: Bring your entire family and your gun! No long guns please.

This is a celebration rally, not a protest.

The King’s Forest April 18th, 2014

My first thought on the confrontation between Clive Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management was that if his family has been ranching since 1870, why didn’t he graze cattle on his own land. Well it turns out that the federal government owns pretty much all of the grazing land in Nevada. They own 84.5 percent of the entire State.

The federal government owns thirty percent of the real estate in the whole country and much of what they don’t own falls under federal jurisdiction as Wilderness Areas, Heritage Districts, Scenic Reserves and watershed control areas. Even private land that doesn’t fall under direct federal jurisdiction is subject to confiscation under Eminent Domain or by the IRS for non payment of taxes.

It’s not accurate to call it public land. It is government land, most of it off limits to the public. It’s not just real estate. Thirty percent of almost everything is owned by the government, and it’s the best thirty percent. Have you ever seen a government official in an old car, using an old computer or flying economy? The aristocracy, from members of Congress to the executives of thousands of federal agencies, live better than the people they supposedly serve.

This is not the free nation that was established when the Constitution became the law of the land in 1789. The land of the free has been usurped by a ruling class that no longer even pretends to follow the same rules as the rest of us. If this were still a land governed by the Constitution, Harry Reid and his son would be in jail.

In 2011 Harry Reid flew to China, on our dime, where he hooked up with a Chinese billionaire who is the head of an energy company called ENN. The next thing you know ENN is buying 38 million dollars worth of Nevada desert for 4.5 million dollars. Land that happens to be in the same area as an endangered desert tortoise that officially is the reason the Bureau of Land Management has gone after Clive Bundy’s cattle.

The Director of the Bureau of Land Management got his job at the behest of his former boss, Harry Reid. ENN is represented by Harry Reid’s son in the deal involving 9000 acres of “public land” on which the energy company plans to build a giant solar power plant that will of course receive federal green energy subsidies and tax breaks. And you can bet Harry Reid is getting a lot more out of it than the $40,650 that his campaign has reported he received from ENN.

In medieval times the word “forest” was a legally defined area that was reserved for the pleasure of the monarch and his guests. At its height in the 12
th and 13th centuries up to a third of England was subject to the forest laws, about the same as in the U.S. today.

Dan Fragoules
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Join Dale for a daily prayer at the beginning of Down on the Corner each weekday morning at 7:06.  We are proud to open our local programming with a prayer, as we recall 2 Chronicles 7:14, "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Special thanks to Baxter County Right to Life for providing the airtime each day for the morning prayer. 

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