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Gail Clark


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April Business of the Month

Financial Advisor, Gail Clark, of Edward Jones Investments is proud to be the April Business of the Month on Mountain Talk 97!


Edward Jones is a different kind of investment firm. To them, face time and thinktime make sense. They meet with you to learn your individual needs so they can develop a strategy to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. So, whether you want to plan for retirement, save for college, reduce your tax bills or ensure you income to cover your expenses, you can expect personalized service and long-term investing strategies instead of the latest investment fads. Join the nearly 7 million investors who know. Contact Gail Clark today at 508-8118 to help develop an investment strategy that makes sense for you. Her office is located at 1006 Highway 62 East, (Cardinal and Hwy 62 in the old Thompson Insurance Bldg.) For more contact Information

Join us in saluting Gail Clark, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, proud supporter of Mountain Talk, and our April Business of the Month!


Arkansas Against Common Core Broadcast

Thanks for the great turnout at the Arkansas Against Common Core meeting on Friday! Our Mountain Home meeting was the biggest they've had to date, with 139 in attendance. If you missed the meeting, or want others in your family to hear the presentation, be sure to tune in for the broadcast.


What: On air broadcast of Common Core 101 – Mountain Home meeting

Who: anyone interested in education in Arkansas

Where: worldwide at (click Listen Live Now), or 97.1 FM throughout North Central Arkansas

When: Saturday, April 19 2PM – 4PM

On Demand: also available anytime by clicking Audio on Demand at


Disney on Ice

Open Carry Rally – Mountain View

Ozark Constitutional Carry will hold an Open Carry Celebration Rally in Mountain View to inform and educate Arkansans on the changes in the law regarding open carry and to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.


What: Open Carry Celebration Rally

Where: Stone County Courthouse Lawn

When: Saturday April 26 at 11:00 AM

Who: Bring your entire family and your gun! No long guns please.

This is a celebration rally, not a protest.

The Dissatisfied Majority April 11th, 2014

The federal budget is so big that nobody knows what’s in it. Nobody knows how many people work for the government. No one knows how many government contracts are let. Congress has no idea where next years 3.9 trillion dollars is going. They can’t, there are not enough hours in the year to read through it, but that won’t stop them from spending it.

91 percent of the citizens of the United States are dissatisfied with their government. If that majority were united behind a common goal, nothing could stop them. But the Tea Party is shooting in a hundred different directions, often at each other, and talk radio and conservative television are more interested in defeating Democrats than fostering rebellion.

44 cents of every dollar we pay in federal taxes is wasted or stolen and another 32 cents goes to pay interest on the debt. That leaves 24 cents worth of government services and benefits that are used as leverage against us when we demand any sort of fiscal responsibility. It works because we are being handled.

Liberal media is propaganda for liberals and conservative media is propaganda for conservatives. We are allowed to throw a bum out now and then and we can move control from one Party to another, but it has zero effect on the money. We have no control over how much the federal government spends, what they spend it on or how much they take out of our pockets to pay for it.

The American people just spent 450 billion dollars and 9.14 billion hours complying with the 74,000 pages of the 2013 tax code. Sure, most of those pages don’t apply to us, but only because most of them are exemptions that only apply to people with connections.

Small businesses paid 3 to 4 dollars in compliance costs for every dollar we paid in taxes, but that’s the point. The purpose of the tax code is to make us compliant. If they just wanted to collect money to run the government, they wouldn’t need 74,000 pages of rules.

Most State and local governments manage to get by on a reasonable rate of taxation and balance their budgets each year because we control local government at the ballot box. But even that is being undermined by the federal government because a significant percentage of our city, county and state budgets are collected by the feds and sent back with strings and conditions.

We can stop them, but only if the dissatisfied majority are united behind a couple of goals. Repealing the 16th Amendment and passing a Balanced Budget Amendment. Congress won’t do it. The State legislatures can. An Amendment Convention is the only alternative to letting things go on as they are.

Dan Fragoules
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Join Dale for a daily prayer



Join Dale for a daily prayer at the beginning of Down on the Corner each weekday morning at 7:06.  We are proud to open our local programming with a prayer, as we recall 2 Chronicles 7:14, "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Special thanks to Baxter County Right to Life for providing the airtime each day for the morning prayer. 

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