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Daily Report -
  • US CEOs Less Optimistic About Hiring, Spending
    Optimism among chief executives at the largest U.S. companies fell in the July-September quarter after reaching a two-year high in the previous quarter.
  • Clear Channel Renamed iHeartMedia
    Clear Channel, the largest radio station operator in the U.S., says it has renamed itself iHeartMedia to reflect its transformation into a multi-platform media company that includes iHeartRadio, its digital radio service.
  • David Allan Wins Again at Startup Weekend Little Rock
    David Allan has this Startup Weekend thing down. Allan and his Kick It Little Rock team won the latest Startup Weekend Little Rock held at Acxiom's corporate headquarters in the River Market.
FOX Business
  • House Report: NHTSA Missed Signs of GM Ignition Switch Issue
    A new congressional report says the top auto safety regulator in the U.S. missed signs of the ignition-switch problem that plagued more than two million GM vehicles and led to at least 19 deaths.
  • Nevada Rolls Snake Eyes on Tesla
    The gambling mecca rolled the dice and they came up snake eyes when it won the five-state bidding war Tesla Motors conducted for its new $5 billion battery factory.
  • U.N. Says At Least $1 Billion Needed To Contain Ebola Outbreak
    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will launch a global response coalition in New York this week asking the international community for as much as $1 billion to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the secretary general's office confirmed to MarketWatch on Tuesday.
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Reeves Propane

Mountain Talk proudly salutes Reeves Propane. Reeves Propane is locally owned and operated by Robert and Linda Reeves. They are celebrating 21 years of honest, dependable service in a timely fashion. Visit their new user-friendly website to schedule your delivery and pay your bill.

Reeves Propane offers autofill deliveries, Empire gas fireplaces, gas logs, and water heaters. They are local folks working hard to satisfy you. Winter is just around the corner. Call today and take advantage of low summer gas prices. For more information, call Reeves Propane at 1-800-432-5172. Join us in saluting Robert and Linda Reeves at Reeves Propane, proud supporters of Mountain Talk and our September Business of the Month!

War September 12th, 2014

Saddam probably had weapons of mass destruction. The United States probably paid for them. But we went to war in Iraq because Saddam was sitting on a hundred billion barrels of oil and was threatening to disrupt prices in a 7 billion dollar a day industry.

When corporate profits can be made by investing in political influence, politicians shouldn’t be trusted with war. That is why the President is supposed to make the case before Congress and the people that a state of war exists, that we are under attack, before waging war. But why let the Constitution get in the way.

Before the war, a barrel of oil was worth $15.00 a barrel. After the war it was worth close to $100.00. Considering ExxonMobil produces 5.3 million barrels a day, that’s a pretty good return on their 50 full time lobbyists and 1.4 million a year in political contributions.

In the lead up to the invasion of Iraq there was nonstop news coverage, liberal and conservative, on what a bad guy Saddam was. It’s a safe bet that when MSNBC and Fox News are both trying to convince us of the same thing, there’s something else going on.

Now they want us to believe that ISIS just found all these weapons in the desert. ISIS has a standing army with planes, weapons, intelligence and logistics. You don’t find that laying in the desert. ISIS has been around since the early 1700’s. They became a threat when they figured out how to harvest the money and arms that the United States is pouring into the region.

We spent 100 million dollars arming rebels in Syria who were fighting President Assad. Now Obama wants another 500 million for the rebels, and 5 billion to fight ISIS on the side of Assad. Something about our involvement in Syria stinks and like most of our involvement in the Middle East over the last 40 years, it smells like oil.

Our quasi-capitalist system in which multi-national corporations collude with government to gain multi-billion dollar monopolies corrupts everything involved, including foreign policy. The only industry in the world that is bigger than oil is Washington influence peddling and the largest purchasers are big oil and defense contractors.

We should stop sending money to the Middle East for oil or bombs. We should defend our own borders, we should quit hindering domestic manufacturing and energy production, and we should quit squandering the wealth we will need to defend our country.

Dan Fragoules
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